"To what end do I swing my blade?" — Olberic, when selected from the main screen.
Olberic Eisenberg is one of eight playable characters in Octopath Traveler. He was also one of the two playable characters in the Project Octopath Traveler Demo. A knight from a lost country which was torn asunder by a war, Olberic became a sellsword and temporarily resided in a village in the Highland region. After a chance meeting with a colleague of his previous brother-in-arm, he decides to set out to find the answers he seeks - one of them as to why he swings his blade.


Olberic has black hair that is slicked back with white streaks. A strand of his hair is left unfixed to give the impression of a cowlick. Olberic has one scar that goes from his left temple to his forehead that is most likely from the nick of a blade. He's usually seen wearing a blue tunic with metal shoulder guards and a metal bracer on both hands along with leather sleeves, pants, and shoes. His sword is strapped to the left of his hip.


Prior to the fall of his country, Olberic was a knight who put the safety of his liege and kingdom first of all. He seemed to have dedicated his life just for the place, itself. After the fall of his country, he had lost the drive of becoming a knight and constantly questioned himself as to what his reason for living could be. Gaston, the boss of the brigands he had encountered in his starting chapter, described how his eyes looked dead and only lit up like the flames when mentioning Erhardt.

However, even if he has forgotten his reason as to why he fights, he still dedicates himself to protecting those he cares about till the bitter end. (This ends up being the reason Olberic has been seeking for so long.)

As a knight, Olberic has a strong sense of justice and need to protect those around him. His experiences and his knowledge of the battlefield also mean that he comes with much wisdom of it. Olberic is stoic for the most part but shows a softer side from time to time whenever he can.


"Your name is Olberic, and you are a warrior. You were once a brave knight, until you lost king and kingdom in a bloody coup. Today, you serve as a master-of-arms for a small mountain village. "To what end do I swing my blade?" The question tortured you night after restless night. Then, one day, you hear a name from your past, giving you new purpose..." — Olberic's description when selecting him.

Prior to Story Edit

Before moving to Cobbleston, he was known throughout the land as the "Unbending Blade" due to his sheer power and with how he handles his sword. Olberic served under the king of Hornburg with his friend, Erhardt, before losing both land and master to a war. Not only that, he discovers how the one person that he treated as equal and brother to be a traitor, slaying their liege right in front his own eyes before besting him in battle.

After losing his country in the war, he moved to a secluded village and hides under the alias 'Berg' as opposed to his real name to hide his identity and allow people to think that the mighty Olberic Eisenberg died along with his country. He acts as the town's combat teacher, aiding the townsfolk in protecting their home from nasty brigands that roam the area. Olberic stayed at Cobbleston for about eight years before the events that soon stir his resolve once more start.


Erhardt Edit

Olberic, during his time in Hornburg, worked alongside a man named Erhardt. He mentioned how he had seen Erhard as an equal and a brother, before the latter slew their liege. It was by Erhardt's hand did Olberic lose everything and started to question the reason why he swings his blade.

However, it is eventually revealed that Erhardt only slew the king because he did nothing to save his own home when it was razed to the ground when Erhardt was just a child. This caused Erhardt to harbor a heavy grudge against the king and his kingdom and ascended in the ranks as a knight with the sole purpose of one day having vengeance on him. In the end, however, despite the fact he succeeded with his revenge plot the hole in his heart did not mend and he quickly wondered what his purpose for wielding a sword was any longer.

Their meeting in Wellspring allowed Olberic to understand Erhardt. Despite being honest with one another, however, Olberic finds that they could only resolve things through a duel as it is the 'only way for warriors such as themselves'. He then goes on to admit how he wished he was the one to win that battle just so that he could have somehow saved both their kingdom and from the monster that Erhardt eventually became. Though he says that he can find no room in his heart to forgive the other for his crimes, at the end of their duel, it is shown that they have mended their relationship as friends and even teamed up once more as the Twin Blades of Hornburg.

Philip Edit

A boy that strives to become a knight just like Olberic. He is the protégé of the knight, living in Cobbleston along with only his mother. During the beginning of Olberic's story, Philip can be seen watching him teach the rest of the town guards some fighting lessons. Before long he is kidnapped by bandits that attacked the town, forcing Olberic to give chase and come sword to sword with Gaston, an affiliate of Erhardt and the one who holds his sword.

Once Olberic decides to leave the town, Philip asks him to make a promise to return and that he'll one day grow up to be a strong knight like his teacher.

Gaston Edit

The leader of the bandits that attacked the town and kidnapped Philip. He was the one who gave Olberic the fire to return in his eyes after being dead for so long. Though they are not on close terms, they have managed to acquaint themselves just enough for the both of them to help each other — Olberic makes sure that his group is not harmed when in the gaol and Gaston giving pointers as to where Erhardt may be.

Werner Edit

As the true puppet-master behind Hornburg's fall, and the despot who overthrew the previous lord of Riverford and ruled with tyranny and fear, Olberic shows great contempt and hatred for Werner. Unlike other opponents that Olberic has fought on his journey, he shows no respect for Werner whatsoever, also finding disgust in him using his great power only for himself, which greatly opposes Olberic's reason for using a sword, which is to help others.

Battle Edit

Olberic is your stereotypical physical wall that can defend other allies from a foe's attacks, potentially saving them from a strong blow that could cause them to be incapacitated. His Talent, Bolster Defense, allows him to power up his own defenses in exchange for BP points which prove useful when facing enemies that have high physical attack along with a stronger guard that takes a bit more to break. He comes equipped with polearms and swords as his weapon, giving him decent versatility in finding enemy weaknesses. As a warrior, Olberic has no innate access to any elemental spells which end up being crucial in a lot of fights outside of his own region, making him focus on his physical bulk and sacrificing his elemental stats in exchange for being a wall.

Warrior Skills Edit

Name Description Cost
Level Attack all foes with a sword. 9 SP
Abide Increase the user's physical strength for 3 turns. 4 SP
Spearhead Attack single foe with a polearm and act earlier on your next turn. 6 SP
Incite Become more readiy targeted by foes for 3 turns. 4 SP
Cross Strike Unleash a sword attack on a single foe. 12 SP
Stout Wall Increase the user's physical defense for 3 turns. 4 SP
Thousand Spears Attack random foes with a polearm 5 to 10 times 20 SP
Brand's Thunder Divine Skill. Unleash a tremendously powerful sword attack on a single foe. 30 SP

Support Skills Edit

Name Description Skill Requirement
Cover The equipping character will absorb single-targeted damage for allies who are near death. Learn 4 Warrior Skills
Summon Strength Increases the physical strength of the equipping character by 50. Learn 5 Warrior Skills
Endure When the equipping character is afflicted with poison, sleep, confusion, blindness, silence, terror or unconsciousness, their physical and elemental defenses are enhanced. Learn 6 Warrior Skills
Surpassing Power Increases the maximum damage that can be dealt by the equipping character to 99,999. Learn 7 Warrior Skills

Subjobs Edit

Below are the sprites and appearance changes for Olberic with each Subjob:


Each time a subjob is selected the appearance of the chracter will also change. The first sprite is the appearance with no Subjob equipped.



Olberic's name could be derived from the name Olbert, that means 'famous for his inheritance' in Frisian and German. His last name, Eisenberg, is a German name meaning 'iron mountain or hill'.


  • Olberic's last name may be a reference to Eisenberg, a town in another Square Enix title, Bravely Default.
  • He is one of the few heroes who’s sprite changes in their first chapter or starting point, the other being Tressa and Therion.
    • This happens on two occasions. The first being when he wakes up from the dream, his normal warrior clothing converting into brown, simple clothes that look similar to what the NPCs wear. The second being when he finishes his confrontation with Gaston, he changes back into his normal warrior outfit, signifying his return as Olberic Eisenberg.
  • Olberic is 35 years old, making him the oldest traveler.
  • According to one of the tavern banters, Olberic is like a bottomless barrel when it comes to drinking and is the type to laugh uncontrollably once he reaches his tipping point, however not even he can hold a candle to Cyrus.
    • Olberic also mentions that the last time he had been forced into his tipping point was when he had a drinking contest with Erhardt, a match he unfortunately lost.
  • According to another tavern banter, he cannot swim.


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